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Who the hell are we?

There’s no „us”. It’s just me. But I believe there are others who share my opinions, and someday there will be many of us on this website. When I say „we,” I’m looking a little bit into the future.
A few years ago, I started sailing, and now I know it will be with me for the rest of my life. It’s not just a hobby anymore, it’s my lifestyle.

Most of my time is spent on my sailboat, the S/Y Gausdal, alone with nature and silence. I also have a lot of time to work on projects that nobody else needs, like this website.

Most of my sailing experience comes from trips along the Norwegian coast, where I live and work.

Here I’ve learned that ports are just one option for spending the night. I don’t always need a port to rest and prepare for the next day’s journey. I love staying in my comfort zone, away from people and loud ports. The Norwegian coast is full of unexpected places to stop, both sheltered coves and rocky cliffs that lean out over the water.
This is me and my way of sailing. I travel by water, driven by the wind, but what interests me most are the lands I pass along the way. We pass by many interesting locations without even realising it. This website is my contribution to changing that. I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained and encourage others to share information about similar locations.

I’d like to be everywhere, and as long as I have time, I’ll pursue that desire.

what are we actually doing here?

It doesn’t matter if you own a yacht or rented a motorboat for a long weekend. It doesn’t matter how many masts your ship has. You can be the captain of a yacht or just a crew member. Everyone can contribute to this website.

If you are here, it’s very likely that you are a sea person. We are all connected by the fact that we are hungry for new adventures and challenges. We all look at the horizon, and our restless thoughts roam the world.
This website is a tool for people like us. It’s a way for our fleeting desires to find an anchor point in reality.

Our mission is to expand the database based on the knowledge of the international sailing community and people related to the sea.

No registration is required. Everyone can remain anonymous if they want to. It only takes a few intuitive moves to mark a new location on our map.

That’s what we do! We are looking for alternative docking places for our ships. Places other than ports. Places you won’t find in any book.

We are looking for BOTTOMCAMP.