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how to do?

To become a part of the project, open the „Our Resources”  in the main menu. You will find a map with all the locations collected so far. Each location has a short description of the anchorage area and suggestions on what you can find in the nearby area.

Press the blue button in the top right corner that says „Add Location”. Zoom in on the map and find the location that interests you. Be sure to mark the position on the map with the highest possible accuracy. Then fill out the form fields. You can also add image and audio files.

To make sure your description is complete and can be properly interpreted, be sure to describe the approach method and any potential hazards you might encounter there. It is also helpful to add in the description how big of a ship can fit there or what interesting things you can find in the area once you’ve landed. That’s all. Now someone will look at it, before the location is added.

Your location description is anonymous, and you are not responsible for any damages incurred during attempted entry. Every captain assesses the risk and decides whether to approach or not.

Our website only offers alternative berthing options. BOTTOMCAMP is not a sea pilotage, and the information contained here is based solely on social information exchange.